zaterdag 16 januari 2010


I adore

to take pictures, of everything and everyone!
I always have my camera with me, but I barely take any pictures

to watch futurama<3
it's so amazing!

My ipods, I have the shuffle in green and the same nano!
I love music so much<3

and every other thing related to food!

My nintendo DS<3
I have this one in white

everything in the colors pink and green<3
My room is entirely pink and green, will take a picture of it some day (:

to go crazy with my best friends!
they are so funny, and so special for me<3

to buy and watch movies!
my collection + dvdbox futurama<3

my boyfriend!
He always makes me feel so special and I can be as crazy as I am when I'm with him, he is totally the love of my entire life<3

And I adore so much more, but this is pretty much most important!

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