woensdag 27 januari 2010

Helloo (:
I now have to make homework, still am at school.
Also have to take some courses.
5.2 for French, 6.5 for maw.
Woehoe, be proud of me (:
Within 30min. I’ll go home,
Make some homework and watch gossip girl!<3

yuck, Wanted to add the song, stand by your man but can't add :(

I adore point 1 and 2, point 3 is a mean!
well baby's
Stand by your love!

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

homework is hell.

I totally hate Maths and economics.
And now I have to make some stupid writing assignment and I can’t find it.
Yuck. I will have to work so hard this stupid semester. And I’m too lazy to work hard.
So this will be hell, hope T will push me enough to work hard.
I adore T, he always helps me!
This weekend was quite nice, went to salsa dancing, I adored it.
T and I will have lessons each Friday for 16 weeks.
I don’t really know what to type, at school right now.
Still have to make all these tasksL
Off to make homework


maandag 25 januari 2010

testweek over

testweek is over.
so what's next?
chill and relax?
well after 3 days relaxing school is back,
and i have to start working, reallyreallyhard!
i totally screwed up this entire week.
3.4, 3.9, and 8.4 for english. I hate it
i wanted a 9.0 for english.
Today only had one lesson, and it was sooo boring.
I hate school
and i will have to work so hard to pass this year.
well, dinnertime.
will tell more soon

donderdag 21 januari 2010

yesterday I was soo happy!
the day was perfect-except from the tests-
and it was all soo amazing, nothing could break my day.
and then today, i am soo tired, i really want t o sleep but tomorrow i have 2 more tests :( .
T forgot his phone and lost his keys, that sux.
I screwed up both my tests.
I don't really know what to learn for M&O.
I spent all my money on I don't know what.
it's so embarrassing, I just can not save any money.
And I just want to sleep, the whole day:(
B sent this picture to me one day.
well really shows that I have to learn.

maandag 18 januari 2010

hihi, took a picture of my cuties.
the crocodile is a photoclip, nibbler is the most adorable creature from futurama, of course.
charmander, well you all remember pokémon<3!
I always loved charmander, I'd want him to be my pet :3
and my lipbalm, it's chinese or something and from yoki. it was on sale so only 1euro. it looks soo cute.
-and it stinks like hell-.
I really, really, really have to learn!
tomorrow I have an english test and mass media, if that's how you say it in english. it's soo boring. about how the media gets it's money and why they show the programs they show, blablabla.
you know, ke$ha is sooo funny. I don't know why, but i really like the rhythm (:
now I'll go back to learning

zondag 17 januari 2010


I really have to study!
Tomorrow my testweek will start, I have to learn 9 tests within a week.
I only know my dutch test so far, and not even all of it yet :(
took a picture of my desk it's a real mess.
the papers you see are my summaries for dutch.
it's really boring, we have to learn how to analyse a story and about the literature in the past, yawn.

I'd wish my desk was more like the other picture,
and the chair, it's soo beautiful and pink!
I'd adore it if that was my desk.
btw. what do you think of the plushie at my desk?
my boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday, it's supposed to look like him, soo cute:D!


I just want to be with you.
If I could hold your hand for the rest of my life, I would never be scared again.
I want to hold you tight and I want to tell you every second how much you mean to me,
because no one has ever meant more.

you know, I love this quote so much, it's so true.
cause when you're with the one you love, you feel so save, and happy.
when i'm with my boyfriend, I'm always happy!
he's the one who makes me smile, and who makes me feel like i'm worth it!
love is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to any person (:
every kind of love; the love your parents give you, your friends, your true love!
love is the best(:

these kids are soo adorable!

zaterdag 16 januari 2010

high heels

High heels,
a must have for every girl!
and to be completely honest, I don't have any high heels.
This is so embarrassing, but I just can't walk on heels.
I have one pair, and they are too small and after 10minutes of swaggering
my feet hurt so badly that I take them off and put on some ballerinas(is that the same in english as it is in dutch?)
You know, you can take some course and they will learn you, in one afternoon, how to walk on high heels!
I really want to take that course someday, when I can afford it, I will also buy some pretty heels!

some pictures of some beautiful shoes<3

p.s. I love it that these heels are so abstract, or however I should
call it
p.p.s. just found the heels with the flowers on internet, they are only 17euros and soo gorgeous!


I adore

to take pictures, of everything and everyone!
I always have my camera with me, but I barely take any pictures

to watch futurama<3
it's so amazing!

My ipods, I have the shuffle in green and the same nano!
I love music so much<3

and every other thing related to food!

My nintendo DS<3
I have this one in white

everything in the colors pink and green<3
My room is entirely pink and green, will take a picture of it some day (:

to go crazy with my best friends!
they are so funny, and so special for me<3

to buy and watch movies!
my collection + dvdbox futurama<3

my boyfriend!
He always makes me feel so special and I can be as crazy as I am when I'm with him, he is totally the love of my entire life<3

And I adore so much more, but this is pretty much most important!