woensdag 2 juni 2010


today i finished 5 of the 17 tasks i have for this week, 3 more for today.
this weekend i'm going camping with my boyfriend, cause sunday we have a year, frkinglong!

today i have to make an essay about my social 'stage(?)', my french summary i have to make and 1 ckv module, which will mean i finished CKV!
i'm so glad, these things are totally freaking me out.
monday i'll start learning my maths. maths i have to get a 6 for my final test, that 'd be amazing!
we do have a repeat this year, which mean i can screw up 1 of my 7 tests (:
which will be economics probably, bwah!

back to social studiess
too much stress for my small head!

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