dinsdag 23 maart 2010


mathematics is such an awful subject!
i hate it, even more right now.
tomorrow i have a test and my grafic calculator is out of batteries.
will buy new ones in an hour, probably.
also need some makeup stuff.
gawd, and i barely have any money left >_<
tomorrow mathstest, thursday english.
friday starts testweek :|
highpoints 2010 to come:
-swimming with friends
-1 year anniversary <3
-18th bday!
and probably more (:
fxck i'm tired.
you draw like a circle in the middle and you put your subject
and you use all these nice pretty colours (:
and you can draw things that are related to the subjects
it's amazing!
p.s. i wanna have a curling iron

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  1. oohh your mind map just made me excited. I am going to mind map my whole life!!!